Monday, October 29, 2012

Hairy Beasts (Grrrr!)

Full Moon Madness, Baby....
I'm ready fer ya!

I have an empty cabin in the woods,
and if Mr. Billington shows up,
it'll be a howling good time!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Shirtless S-pec-tacular

Oh yeah...sleek and sexy!

Peekaboo! I see an untraveled trail!

Mmnnn! What a delectable little cub!

And here's this rugged, primal looking daddy fucker! Woof!
From the new CBS show, "Elementary"...
Ahhh...the Love Pitts and a leg spread!

Sexy cowboy love...and I bet he's real dirty!

A nice think wave I'd like to jump on!

Oy! Papa Bear, I have a bed you can try out.

Niiiiice! Stud for days!
Wounded, but ready for action!

And a little vintage hotness!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Location is Everything

No, I'm not worried about that bitch on the ceiling;
I'm talking about that camera angle making it
seem like I'm kneeling in front of Ryan Reynolds and
preparing to rip down those flimsy-ass pajama bottoms.
'Bottoms' it is, Mr. Reynolds!
"I'll get down on my knees...for you-oo-oou!"

"Oops! Sorry Mr. Cohen, I just
seemed to have tripped. Man, your thick ol'
tree trunk legs make a nice resting space...
what's that my head is resting on?
Such a firm--and delicious--pillow...I may
never leave. And that juice I spilled..
it's everywhere! Waste not, want not; guess
I'll need to clean all that up...lickity split!"


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ben Cohen, again!

I really don't know what can (or needs
to be) said about the phenomenally
hot Mr. Cohen.
He's funny and playful,

big and beautiful,

sultry and sexy,

seems completely down to earth,

intelligent and passionate,

proud without pretense,



my perfect masculine ideal,

a dreamy renegade,

a big ol' thick slice of bear goodness,

sweet and cuddly,

powerful and progressive,

talented and natural,

laid back and sensitive,


smart and focused.

I found the words....I guess
he was more than a mouthful after all!

Eric Bana

Originally, I had sort of written Bana off as a more
subtle, average boy-next-door sort, without
a particularly dominating physique or charisma.

But over time, and through a variety of very diverse
roles, he has impressed me mightily as a passionate and
sensual guy who has a deep, smoldering cauldron of sexy.

Whether it be the more overt physicality of the
obviously studly warrior roles...

or just a striking presence with those magical eyes
and scruffed up appearance.

He's rather a chameleon, able to capture
the obscene and corrupt as brilliantly as he does
the faithful and the calm.

Simple beauty can sometimes get overlooked
in this age of explosive, hyper-masculine
fantasy-world aesthetics.

But in the end, 'simple' can be the most
beautiful thing in the world.