Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sultry, Sexy Saturday

Oh, George Kotsiopoulos,
handsome and debonair star of
"Fashion Police" on E!,
you are soooooo dreamy!

Mmmn! And here I was so enamored of your
dapper, well-dressed stylin', I never gave
a thought to how delish you might be underneath!

We're getting closer to a Full Monty here, babe!
You wear that skin well, stud!

Oh, those dark and sultry eyes....

that sexy stubble....

a beautiful smile...

the casual demeanor....

and just a wee bit of darkness simmering in there!

I'd definitely curl up with a bit of George
to help while away a lazy Saturday afternoon!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little Colton

So the ever-growing regime of fundamentalist
so-called X-ians have the idea no one can talk
about them....which means less thean nothing
to yours truly.

Hot little number super-talent Colton Dixon
should not have been eliminated--he had it
all; stage presence, talent, looks, moves, charm,

He speculated (at that his
song choice (Lady Gaga) got him thrown off,
causing his Jesus-Juice fanbase to abandon him.
He also recognized that a lot of people compare
him to Tim Tebow.

Well, there's a reason for that, sweetheart, and all
I can say is "Don't let the fundies keep you--or
Tim--in the closet for too long." A life half-lived
is not worth living.

By the by, now that the Christian closet-case is gone,
I'm pulling for Elise.


What's Hidden in Your Drawers?

Mmmnnn...Summer time is here, y'all!
(Who says Global Warming is all bad?!?)
Three cheers for the eye candy parade!

Words Get in the Way

Monday, April 23, 2012

Eion Bailey

Eion Bailey is such a fine actor and an
old fave, I feel terribly remiss that I haven't
spotlighted him before now!

Watching "Once Upon A Time" last night,
I was mesmerized by his alluring and
secretive character, and knew I had to right
my oversight.

Young Eion has been in a slew of great productions,
including "Band of Brothers," "And Starring Pancho
Villa as Himself," and "Fight Club," but my favorite
is "Life of the Party,' where he stars... and turns in
a remarkable performance.

He's got great range and, obviously, great looks,
and he just has that charisma that stretches across the
expanse between digital and viewer to say
"This is a guy I could actually hang out with!"

Oh, tease!


Love that faraway, dreamer look!

Hope you enjoy, and keep watching Eion as 'August'
Sunday nights on "Once Upon A Time."