Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Muscle Jocks

I'm holding out for a hero!

"Sweet Christmas!"

"It's slobbering time!"

"Hot damn--it's the Hulk, busting loose!"


Hugh O'Brian

Oh, they don't make sex symbols like they used to!

Those dreamy, steamy, bedroom eyes....

Even a suggestive pose or a tease of chest hair
was enough to get your motor started.....

Such an elegant, easy confidence...

A stalwart manliness that bursts through the
camera and the screen.

A beautiful, triumphant physique that
doesn't have to overdo it.

A shag-able look that is not in any way
decreased by the addition of clothing!

Sensuality and sexuality just bristle and flow....

Oh, the thoughts you put in my head,
with the most mildly evocative of poses!


Prince Devitt vs Davey Richards (Part 1)

Perfection! Enjoy!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eliad Cohen

Okay, time for a numbers--and pants--adjustment!
This hot sumbitch's pictures are worth a MILLION words.
Describe away, Eliad.
Hot damn.


Alex Wright Vs Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Two of my favorites from back in the day;
Das Wunderkind, Alex Wright, of the neon bulging trunks
and lanky boyish looks, and Chavo Guerrero Jr, of the more
thick and bronzed rough trade variety.

What a lovely pairing!


Monday, March 19, 2012

Derek Sanders vs. Dylan Drake wrestling match

Mouth-wateringly good sexy-match between super hotties who know how
to work over their opponent. I especially love those shimmering, swinging,
packed trunks. So hard to avert the eyes! Mmnn!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Birth of a Fetish: A Recollection

In the mid to late 1970s, I had already become
indelibly fascinated with the flashy fantasy of
comic book shows with live action super heroes.
Likewise, the dramatic combat of wrestling was
inextricably linked to excitement in my young mind.
This was the early onset of erotica affection,
as available to pre-teen boys in a less
media savvy age.

In addition to the hot bodies and tight-fitting clothes
accentuating all the muscles and moves, there
was just 'something' about the shimmer and cling
and provocativeness of all these warrior-based
costumes and alluring accouterments.
The enticing trifecta of Lycra, spandex, and rayon
had won me over.

Certainly it's tough to distinguish where the love of the
garment and the love of the man inside stops and starts.
Hard, too, to differentiate between the visceral thrill of
watching close-up combat, and the visual stimulation of
silky textures caressing a hard body.

Hell, maybe the love of the fabrics comes directly
from the association with the domination and subjugation
fantasies seen immortalized on the weekly wrestling
and super hero shows.

Regardless, a switch was flipped.
There is a primal longing inherent in merely seeing
a Speedo, wrestling tights, silky underwear,
jogging shorts, bicycle pants, and other
affiliated tempters.

When I was about 11 years old, we went shopping
at the Army Surplus store located right off of the
interstate in downtown Tampa. I found this tube that
sported a picture of this exotic, spongy, chocolate brown
pair of  bikini briefs that would fit me, and my excitement
nearly caused a public creaming of my pants.

Since they were affordable and I needed new
drawers anyway, we bought them.
All the way home, the salacious anticipation of what
only I knew was more than a pair of underpants
was almost too much to bear.
To finally be able to touch and satisfy the longing for
the solid contact with the beloved fabric was intense.

It didn't hurt that there was an added element of
excitement in imagining that I was wearing the same
underwear that those hot, beefy, Alpha-male, military dudes
who were in the store shopping were wearing!

I was already more than familiar with the Air Force men,
what with both my school and after-school care being
located just outside Mac Dill AFB.
Those longings definitely instilled a yet further intensely
heated fetish...but we'll save that for another day.

There's a connection formed when enacting the same
tools used by those we desire. A permeative bond
that adds another level to the experience.

In grade school, I had a friend in my class who was into
much of the same things that I was; comics, wrestling,
sci-fi TV shows. He was a bit of a nerd, too,
like me, and was a big, brawny, hairy kid.

We began wrestling during sleepovers as almost a
tacitly understood exploration, a rote act of passage,
complete with the costumes of Lycra bikini bathing suits,
identical to 'wrestling tights.'
The experience of those hormones
raging and that desire pumping while actually touching
another boy and reenacting those wrestling matches
was a beautiful culmination to all those secret
wishes, now finally materialized.

I can still perfectly picture those canary yellow trunks
clinging to him.

The energy and heightened sensation of feeling those
materials expand with my lust, and covering my
friend's bulging body (barely in check,)... it was ecstasy.
The erotica and long-anticipated connection I
had only known from afar was and remains one of
the most stupendous memories in my life.

The privacy of the longing adds to it, compounds it,
I'm sure. There's a secret language at work here.
When you find another who indulges or, at best,
shares such a yen, there's magic at play.
Those images and ideas and touches that brought us
our earliest, purest pay-offs are the ones that
cement themselves in our psyches.


Friday, March 16, 2012

Hot Wrestlers

That's a Bad Man....that needs some taming!
Ruff! That's one fine specimen!

Now that is a sport!

Sweet, sexy, sufferin' sunshine! Good eating!

Awww....just a baby cub!

Hot Damn! He's bursting at the seams!
("Not that there's anything wrong with that!")

Not sure if the "R" stands for rough, ripe, or


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bathing Suit Beauties

Yeah...I'm still waiting for a Mister America pageant!

Perfection. Bronze, sculpted, hairy, tatts, beard,
receding hairline, sultriness, sass. I'd be set for life!
My cheeky, chesty, , huggable, burly bear!
Woof! I'll forgive the saggy britches.

Power buff. You take a break;
I'll work those pecs for you!

"Screw the match; let's go to the beach
and give back rubs!"

Burly, bulky, beefy goodness...
even if not 100% genuine!

mmmnnn. Perfection.
Size, hair, tatts, demurity, strap...wow!

Okay he's abnormally good looking and unapproachable,
but still is eat up with the Hotness!

A Middle-Eastern fur-fest.
Daddy got fuzz!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Big Hairy Deal...er, Daddies

"Well I'm a long, tall, Daddy..and I got what you need!"

Working man!

Calm on the outside, but...

Grizzly, bare!

Combat ready.

Ready to punish!

Rough and tumble...

Envelop me, Sir!

Now that's a profile!