Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Brokebackhearted" video (Karmin Parody)

Here are some really cute young guys who have a couple of sexy videos
out there on youtube, showing off their...dancing skills. Yeah, that's it!

Some good, clean, Saturday afternoon fun. Not 100% sure they're all
legal, so, 'Whack-a-Mole' at your own discretion! Peace.


Friday, June 29, 2012

Burly Men

I don't even know where to start with these
big, thick, succulent, hairy sons-of-bitches!

This first one is so vivid and perfect I can practically
feel my hand winding up those silky legs!
(And what a cute smile!)

Then here's this enigmatic, scary Mo-Fo...
wanting to climb in my window at night and torment me!
(Yes, please, executioner!)

And then there's studly with his giant
Power Blaster, bursting out of that
little outfit.

This stud is just chillin' on his boat, being
butch and doing manly shit...loosening up!

Here's another tall, dark, and massive I wouldn't mind
giving me a camel stretch or two. fierce!
"Daddy, daddy....spin me around on your lap!"

Here's a thick one prepping for
a weigh-in!
(Damned scale in the way!)

Oh. My. Goodness!
This guy has the sexiest face and eyes...oh look at
that pouty mouth and those enticing tufts of hair. Mmnn.

Annnnd, I just blew wad.
Ugh! This thick and juicy hairy bastard is
giving the eye, looking so fine, lying prone,
with just the right mix of wistfulness and vulnerability!

Okay, you win, Sasquatch. I will service you mightily whilst
you do your hibernation thang.
What a wing-span!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Them Amazing Yeller Britches!

There's just something so especially
seductive, so shimmering and shiny
and showcase-worthy about a pair of yellow trunks!

Perhaps it's my personal adolescent experiences I
grafted onto the random color....

...that enhances an otherwise bland pigment.

Perhaps it's that any color could actually
be made exciting by the magic held by
these particular Adonises!

Any way you grab it, it's all good.
Any kink that works for ya is a good kink...

...and yellow does a bit more for the
imagination that even white, so I'll
take it.

Yeah! Take that control!

Tell that punk who's in charge! Mmnnn!

Oh my.....that's a whole lotta power in that engine!


And possibly my favorite wrestler of all time,
Mr. Jeff Farmer, a.k.a. Cobra!
Show 'em how it's done, Jeff!


Tyler Reks v Chris Masters

Simply too delicious for words!

Two gods of the ring, sporting those pouch-showcasing and ass-clinging

beautiful tights, smothering and beating on each other for your repetitive
viewing pleasure!  Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tyler Reks, Brutal Hunk

Oh, my! I am getting in trouble ovver this one,
I just know it!

Pulverize him!

Big, brawny, and in control!

oooh...masterfully subdued!
A sleeping prone and vulnerable.

Look at that Lion's Roar...
and that beefy flank!

Tear it up, Sir; you own it!

Flattened and delish!

Now that is Medieval sexy!

"Don't let me go, Daddy!"

Check that wingspan and bread basket!

Savage opponent!

Nonplussed, in the zone, and otherwise focused
like a ninja!

"Yes, I think I will have my way with you.
Thanks for your permission!"

Surly, disdainful sneer, and a sweaty,
spritzed, bronze godliness! Yes, sir!

I will make you my Boy, yet.

Devourer; Reks Wrecks!

Daddy, Son, and Holy Hunk;
three divine treats in one!

Mmnn! Some more of that hardcore Braveheart shit
going on here; that's all right--I'd let ya ravage me.

MMn-boy! Smug and Snug...
my favorite combination!


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Locker Room Joys

Anticipation. nice, everyone does have to check it out, actually!
Baby got back, and shorts riding crack. MMnn!

So in need of a rub-down.

Ahh, camaraderie! So hot.

Old Batman and Robin riding the pole together.

Locked and loaded. go first. Just observing.

Dude, it's kind of rude to be checking yourself out
when there's a hot Daddy in the house.

Perfect definition.

Mutual Admiration Society...
and surely some other 'mutuals' thrown in there!

Oh, Hey, Brad...we were just discussing how you'll be
easier to catch now. Sluuurp!

Is there a third player in Shower Wars we can't see?

Oh, the longing and the lust!