Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Maybe, Baby

Maybe it's time
for me to reconsider
my aversion to sports.

I am definitely seeing 
the appeal of being
at a match....

just in case something
of interest were to occur.

Perhaps one of the 
towel boys will suffer
heatstroke, and an 
immediate replacement
would be needed?

It could happen.

these are some
yummy snaps
from some
various events...

I think it's time
for a gym

Photo-shop Heroes

"Cosmic Boy"   


"Bucky" (I believe)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Scott Fujita

"55" never looked so good!

With all the Focus on only CERTAIN Families tomorrow
and that reigning football controversy, here's another

Not all the jocks are dumb!

Scott Fujita, New Orleans Saints linebacker (#55) is
not just another pretty face (and bod!)
He's open-minded and progressive, advocating both
gay marriage and free speech. This married father of 2
has been speaking his mind of late, too.

He's spoken up that CBS wasn't correct in rejecting
a gay dating website's commercial during tomorrow's
Super Bowl, and that the Tebow ad that WILL air is
misplaced. Nonetheless, he remains diplomatic and
inclusive of the other ball-player's misguided politics.

Fujita--himself adopted at birth in 1979--is also
a proponent of gays and lesbian persons having rights
as adoptive parents. The married father of two was
vocal in supporting last year's National Equality March
for LGBT rights in October.

Thank goodness for courage and calm in the face of
these insane times.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Normal guys

Okay, I am pretty big on expanding the cultural notions of
attractiveness, natural body images, etc.

I like this ad for a number of reasons along those lines.

But something about the ad doesn't feel 'right' to me.

Maybe the big bulky drawers looking like diapers...
or the milky white tan-less complexion of most of
the guys pictured...

and maybe (if I'm honest) my own internalized homophobia
cuz several guys are very fey looking in that feminine
Nova Scotian kind of way. (sorry...)

But I still like the attempt at promoting regular body types...

and the bear on the far right is beyond scrumptious.

That was worth it for me!

Random Hotness; Comic Con, wrestling, training...OH MY!


Big, brawny, beefy, surly.....perfect!

All jacked up in black: check!
Pompous posturing: check!
Ripped and cut: check!
Firm grip on a firm package: check!
Muscle posing: check!
'Come hither' look perfected: check!

Laid out. Splayed. Dominant, jeering, controlling
top in
position...with little effort.
Force-fed faceful of fun.

Too lovely.

Bad boy, bad boy.....let me tell you what
I'll do! MMnn, I love swagger.
Those eyes....

Back-breaker! Will breaker! Uber-package
displayed! Forcefulness! Helplessness!
Torture! Pushing past it! oh yeah!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Canadian Sexy

Props to our Northern progressive neighbors;
they seem to do everything better up there.

MMmnnnn...the Mounties (Quebecers)
always get their man!

Why is it that sooooo many Canadian wrestlers
are smoking ass hot? Must be the water up there.

Something just 'special' about a
Canadian hottie.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"Tim Tebow say wha--!?!"

That's right; no one cares.

So on Sunday, when Captain America has the last
few fleeting moments of his 15 seconds of Lame,
and his little Super Bowl propaganda pieces are
giving you a chance to run to the throne room,
feel free to stop back by here and check out the
only thing Tim Tebow has to offer.

Now wipe that smudged shit off your face,
shut your pretty, vapid, home-schooled face,
wrap your hands around the ball
and move on!
You might prefer the QB position,
but we know you have tight-end experience.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jamie Noble; Wrestling perfection!

Now, I love a good jobber.
It takes a very particular skill to be convincing about being
badly beaten on a regular basis.
And there's something glorious about the torturous agony that
Jamie Noble emotes in his ring persona.

There is something extremely intoxicating about how well
he takes his abuse; a poetry, in fact. The dramatic reactions,
the dopey stupors.

Breaking it down, part of the appeal is that Noble simply
looks amazing in a pair of tights; his physique is delicious.

There's also something very naughty...a bit 'dirty' about his
whole presence. A bad boy, an ignoble savage, a red neck.
The kind of person we secretly adore or wish to see get the
shit beat out of them. Here, we get the best of both worlds.

Again, there is a bestial energy to the man; a primal rough
and unhewn soul. He seems to have that desperate energy
of the young rebel we've all known--or been--at some point.

That fierce determination.
"The little rough neck that could."

"Squeal like a pig!"

No one looks better laid out and prone!

And can get back up and assert arrogance and ignorance!

Maybe I just like seeing A-types getting whacked?

I notice there are a LOT of money shots in Mr. Noble's matches.
(Not that there's anything wrong with that!)

Mmnn. As I was saying. Goddess, I love spandex.

Sweet...just sweet.

I could simply watch him lie there and do nothing.

You really almost believe that he's got a chance with all that
vim, vigor, and bravado, right? I love brashness!

"You got knocked The F#@k out!"

Too beautiful for words. Artwork, pure and simple.