Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Butch.....Too much?

Talk about Domination issues!

The brute reminds me of the old time wrestlers from early
20th century!

There's something very strangely appealing about the
raw, rough, exotic extremism of such a Neanderthal.
As if some great energy distilled the testosterone-filled
essence of manhood and brutality and violence into one
supreme creature.

All at once frightening and alluring.

"Talk amongst yourselves."

Hottest super hero costume EVER!

This is the new version of
I don't know who the design artist is,
but this is a pheonmenal job!

It's beautiful, sexy, and oh-so perfect!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Live Action Super Heroes: A Closeted Romance

The sculpted bods part is a given......
But there's some intrinsic fascination with the male form enveloped in nylon and Lycra....

Its coveted reveal, its imagined intimacies, its comfort...

The machismo and hyper-masculinity attributes are a huge turn-on, even with cosplay.

Even a humorous premise doesn't distract from the evocative imagery.

'Course, some fellas are just super-fine in or out of costume...but still!

The mysterious nature of a masked man also has a big draw.

There are other factors, like poses that stimulate. The 'prone' position, or 'incapacitated,' for example!

Classic faves are still enjoyed; check out that barrel chest! Let's visit the package store!

An ordinary leg held taut and highlighted by form-fitting garments...Yay!

"Sha-ZAM!" indeed!

The Real, Raw deal; ARN ANDERSON!

What's not to love about the beast of a man?
Maintain that control! You been subjugated, boy!
Aging twice as nice and fine as wine.
Handle that pretty boy!
Smug bastard! Yum!
He just makes it look so easy.

Cockiness suits a man of this caliber!
Lucky Tully!

What's not to love about Arn Anderson?
He's a splendiferous Heel among heels.
He's a big, burly, hairy bear.
He's always pulverizing some jobber.
Always wearing some lovely form-fitting fabrics whose colors accentuate all the right spots.
Always cool and abusive.
Has the most alluring poses.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The ultimate sexpot; Randy Orton

There is no other way to describe him than absolute perfection.
The fact that all the little uber-dipshit rasslin' fans are so obsessed with labeling him as gay just shows how threatened they are by his hypersexualized presence.
Fully clothed, naked in a shower, wearing the shit out of those tights...the man is blessed beyond compare.
A modern day Adonis....
I can't believe he hasn't done the crossover to big screen movie star.
And for a real treat...

There are so many incredible images of this 3rd generation wrestling machine that I will have to break up my devotion into segments.
Too much of this molten hot he-man would melt anybody's innards.
Check back for more!
And if you have any particularly juicy pics of Sir Randy,
please share!

Jeremy Northam....beautiful in every way

Ever since I first saw him on the beach in the Sandra Bullock thriller "The Net," masquerading as a the pillar of patriotism Captain America, I fell in love with the lovely Jeremy Northam!

He has a complex beauty that aptly mixes the sinister with the sweet, and he is an incredible actor with a great range.

He's a little older now and none the worse for wear, as you can see in his appearances in THE TUDORS.
(Despite that show's criticisms for historical inaccuracy, it's a racy treat with an exquisite cast.)

(I love it!)

If you're not familiar with Jeremy's body of work, I recommend EMMA, AMISTAD, ENIGMA, the 'not-really-a-remake-Nicole-Kidman THE INVASION, or POSSESSION!
"Thanks, Jeremy!"

A new find; Richard Armitage!


Eeek! The eyes! (shudder!)

Richard plays--among other things--Sir Guy of Gisborne in the BBC One's ROBIN HOOD series, now in its third run.
Now that is one vampire-lookin' Daddy Fucker! Why do we get stuck with all those wannabes?
Time for some cable or satellite subscribing, I guess!
He's got that earthy, hardy look with the soulful and vulnerable eyes, a la Jeremy Northam (one of my all time faves!)