Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Knew? Missouri & Illinois Got Talent...(err, Kinda!)

Who knew that even in Missouri and Illinois there could be
sexy hot guys disrobing and rubbing on each other to
the jeers and cheers of the crowd?
Well, like most things, there's a grading curve!
'Sexy' and 'hot' may definitely have a
wide range of interpretation for some of these!

Okay...'Bad Boy Chris Thomas' certainly
has his image down pat, tho for my money he's
a "better with his clothes on sexy" sort...
see his match with Rick later in the post
for your own summation.

This is Rory Fox, who used to be on some MTV show.
I like his sculpted smoothe and broad physique,
and he's kinda cute.

This is 'Curly', a tat freak and a Stooges fan.
I likes me some crazy with my fetishes, so
this will do very nicely.

...and here's Curly slapping that ass.
I really didn't need instruction nor encouragement,
but PDAs are a big turn on.

Okay now this is definitely more "OMG" than anything...
I love how trailer park wears it proud!
This is some tragically train-wreck funny shit.
Anyway, I don't know which one is 'Fender'
and which one is 'Sterling', but the sassyness of the beefy hunk
on the right sorta has me going "hmmmnnnnnn!"

Okay, now here's the Real Deal for Yours
Truly. The beauty in the lime green is Shane Rich,
a total stuf with all the right boxes checked.
(Here he's fighting Thomas in a ladder match.)

...annnnnd Rich gives the money shot.
Wow. Just perfect.
Rough and tumble, some street-meets-upper crust
appeal, wears the spandex nicely, and buff.
Thank you, Bread Basket!


(all photos by Mike Van Hoogstraat)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday, Nancy Sinatra!

Mmnnnn....These boots were made for walking...
and a whole lot more, honey!

ahh..steamy, shirtless, summertime!

Stripped down, lawn-mowing, sweat-drenched, half-naked
men time is HERE!
Head for that swimming hole!

Saturday, June 4, 2011