Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wrestler Rocky Menero

South Australian wrestler Rocky Menero is a beefy
burrito for sure, plus he's got that haughty bad boy
thing going on and he reminds me of someone I know.

Love the power play stuff; Humble that opponent, boy!

Good stuff....and I found a clip where he isn't wearing
those trademarked annoying baggy khakis!


Friday, March 11, 2011

Tom Hardy in 'Warrior'

'nuff said....

That's the ticket....
I may need to sneak into the theatre
for this one!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Uncomfortably Hot

Okay, sometimes you just find
yourself drawn to imagery that is
disturbing, even when there is
inherent masculinity and sensuality
Seems I have stumbled upon a slew
of recent comics art that showcases
several different areas of some
rougher or more fetishistic bents.
Deathstroke is into some serious
rough play here.

(Something about the way the costume
material clings in the above 'future-JLA'
piece...presumably by the incredible
Simone Bianchi. Who knew his
clothed men were just as smoking!?)

This Deodato piece showcases two buff
and bad daddies; Kraven and Sabretooth.

Too bad Timber Wolf's heat-resistant
costume had to withstand.

Flashpoint Aquaman is a muscle
daddy with a much cooler costume
color scheme! Keep it!

Professor Zoom is packing a lot
of heat in that pose.

I know...ugh. But the healthy part
is so seductively posed! Don't judge!
You know you've been hot for a guy with obvious scars
and two faces!

Okay...this was meant as a slam against poor Charlie,
but I find it very erotic and sexy. And now
I'm having bestio-morph fantasy art
notions. Oy!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yeah, right now I can't recall if Channing is his first
or last name. Don't guess it matters.
There's something magical about the allure of how
posing and pretense can really add sensuality even
when someone's already sculpted.
The beauty of the unattainable person. Sex always
has been more about the brain than the body.