Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jens Nowotny, German National Soccer Team

"Why he so mean?"

Stony mm-Mn!


The big baller!

Well, he looks like he's about to go postal at any moment and rip somebody a new ass...(and not in a good way.) But let's face it, that's part of the appeal half the time.

This isn't about politics; I just like the way he looks. For aesthetic purposes, the bad boys (including arrogant, right-wing, religious, Nazis) are okay.

Commence to ogling.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Chris Evans.....playing around

I know for a scientific fact that there aren't enough actual hours in the day to stay looking this good, appear in movies, maintain a fun and sweet personality, and--most annoyingly--make it all appear effortless!

You utter bastard, you. (Thank you.)

And thanks for the gratuitous shower scene in Fantastic Four 2. Much appreciated.

Joe Oppedisano photos: Hypermasculinity

I love this powerful erotica that blends overtness with the more classic aspects of fetishism and
design. Superb work.
To see more of Joe's stuff, check out his site at
To order his books like "Testosterone" and "Uncensored; Photos by Joe Oppedisano" go to
And to see the trailer for "Knockout," (if you can handle it!) click on

John David Graham

There was a contest, and this man did not win!

INJUSTICE, thou hast a bitter aftertaste!

Check out all the contestants at the site linked below, but enjoy David's gorgeous shot above in the meantime. (>sob!<)

Nick Knight 'beasting'...Growlllll!

Wow! Just an awesome display of sexual energy and primal response.
I love the savage mix of man and beast as inhibition is lifted.
These incredible shots are from Nick Knight, a photographer with a lot of irons in the fire.
Click below for more info on his work!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Men in Speedos...why all the hate?!?!

I keep reading all this rehashed hate of men wearing speedos in public.
Or being photographed in the ever.
And not just an aversion to 500 pound head-to-toe hairy guys wearing them; ANYONE wearing them.
The speedo is a classic art form. The beautiful male body adorned with the skimpiest of coverings, showcasing everything a man has. What's not to love? (And if you're afraid of even the outline of a penis, perhaps there are bigger issues at work!)
I do actually like leaving something to the imagination, but speedos are super-sexy. And you can increase a man's sex appeal by contouring the exact fit and cut of a speedo, or changing the color to be more complimentary.
I guess I first started my love affair with the speedo thanks to an early childhood fascination with comic books, which parlayed into live-action heroes like Bat-Man and Superman on the small screen. And folks like Tarzan (MMNH! Ron Ely!) and the like certainly sped things along.
But wrestling was probably the culprit that sold me this bill of goods. Those real men grappling for long periods, sweating and grunting with only a little Lycra between their religion and another's.
In the early Eighties when I was coming up, speedos were sort of in full swing in the U.S. and bikini briefs were big in underwear. As a young man with burgeoning sexuality, this eye-opening trend during an otherwise sexually repressed time was greatly appreciated.
But, if you remain unconvinced that the hang-ups with speedos are your own, check out this dandy site I discovered...and tell me if your criticisms still hold!

Friday, November 13, 2009

"You might be a sex addict if....."

If you don't let someone's redneck ways dissuade you from lustfulness.

Can't help myself!

Lance Cade, I don't know you from cheese pizza. But if I had to guess, I'd say you likely swing more 'Toby Keith' than 'Robert Pattinson.' But HEY! Ya never know! (Besides, one's roots and leanings have little to do with the appreciation of a good ol' Oral Roberts.

(And, 'Warrior' says there was more than just submission 'rasslin going on in the locker rooms! He's bitter, but mostly because he was too steroided-up to take advantage of all the macho goodness. Or maybe he wasn't the first choice for faces or heels.)