Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olympic Madness: Danell Leyva

Usually, when feebs use terms like 'controversial' or
'problematic,' it ends up meaning "something
you should be paying attention to."

Such is the case here with Olympian Danell Leyva,
a Cuban gymnast of nuclear-hot proportions.

I just love how sex-starved, insane, arrogant,
hot-headed, and exhibitionist the Cubes are!
(Did I mention I've got 50% Cuban blood?)


Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Weekend

All I can say is that the Olympic highlights of the
weekend for me involved some very buff, tough,
and scruff Aussie boys stroking their wood.

Even in the furthest lane from the cameras, these
beefy brutes looked larger than the American team
(although size is prolly not an asset when you want
your row boat to speed through the water! D'oh!)

They came in 2nd for the trials (the Men's 8 team, at least)
and so didn't advance, but these beauties were winners
to me!

Here's a nod to brighter days, and the 4's win at the last
Summer Games.
Mmmnn. Loving that green and yellow!

And just because they look so good,
old or new, here's another blast from the
past from the Awesome Aussies!

I think I could definitely be motivated to
go Down Under for these fellas!


Cutie of the Day: Michael Brendan Dougherty

Play ball!
(I always was a Cubs fan!)

Smart and sexy?
It's a lethal combination!


Friday, July 27, 2012

HOT International Wrestlers!

Oh yeah! Look at that pose!

Big ol' studly, dominating, towering Meat-Man! Grrrr....


Hairy Bears

There's nothing better
here on earth
than an au natural beast
complete with girth!

SAVOR the Monsters.


'Jumping' Joe Savoldi vs Flex Lavender

Screw the ridiculous names and back stories; this is Hot Stuff!

Strut, Baby...STRUT!


David Sutcliffe


Whoo, girl; I'm worn out, too...
just from looking!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Studs and Steeds

My word, the Testosterone.

Gentleman (and ladies...)
Lunch is served!

Oy! Tatts, hair, beard, nips, dark eyes....I'm in the Holy Land!

Oh, Sleaze...you tease!

Eighties flashback; yeah, still got it!

(Mmmnn...I think I see a West Coast relocation in my future!)

(Or perhaps a dude ranch in the mid-west?)

(Or whatever resort this sultry so-and-so is staying at!)

Ohio? Missouri? Help a fella out!

That shit-eating grin just clenches it!

Good gravy! This sumbitch is dangerous!
He's setting off fires with that hotness!