Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sacha Harding

Well, I approve whole-heartedly of all this recent rugby attention!

The Brits have been exporting their hunkdom to the world.

The latest is Sacha rugby player....

newly recognized sex symbol catering to gay men.....

new spokesman for Bluebeard's Revenge.....

recently voted "Manliest Man in the U.K."....

and just generally pretty smoking damned hot and fine.

Yeah, I guess he'll do! LOL!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Tim Tebow; Gay Icon & Sex Toy

"Mmmn...the friction is so hot on my nips...
but not as hot as the friction on my thighs!"

"I don't need a man to feel complete....
I love myself enough for everybody."

"Yeah, I'm slick. Are you hard yet, Jesus?
                                          I'm a big sexy brat just for you. You're my man!"

"Please...won't somebody just look at me.
Just a little bit of attention?"

"Fuck my actions! I'm a douchy mouthpiece and I'm
arrogant! I'll re-write that fucking Bible!"

"Fellas, I know it's my fave position, but
                                                                   NOT IN PUBLIC!"

"I love your big balls the most, coach.
But don't tell Jesus."

"Cuz I'm hot, white, young, rich, and CHRISTIAN, ya god-damned bitch!
That's why!"

"Yes, that's right. Nothing one bit gay about me.
Protest what too much?!"

"Look, Daddy...I told you; you're too old to be inside me
like Jesus. But keep doing stuff for me."

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Zachary Quinto

A little "Extra" blogging for those few holiday days
I'll be unable to get online! (Now don't go using
them all up at once!)

Beautiful Zachary was already an established
fan fave from such characters as 'Skylar' in the NBC
show "Heroes," and 'Spock' in the new Trek franchise.

(Feel free to write and tell me who his hot co-star in
the steam room is!)
Oh yeah! Pay dirt!
Smoke it like it's hot!

Just as Hot clothed....(the little fashionista!)

or playing a psychopathic killer....

or being a suave looker....

Okay, Gawd! I can't stay composed for this one!
SCREAM! So fine!

Casual sexy....


Mmnn! Heaven!

(P.S. Thanks for coming out Zachary; we love ya!)


David Beckham: 'Nuff Said

Chris Diamantopoulos 2; Casual Beach Day

Oh, those pesky paparazzi!

Why would they be following average Joe Actor around?

I sure don't want to draw any undue attention!

Let's just be nonchalant and discreet...

and maybe no one will pay any notice!


Just kidding, Chris; no one minds YOU being an exhibitionist!