Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tightie Whitie All-Righty, part 1

Nothing sparks the remniscent allure of
simpler days, locker room fantasies,
and roommate romance like a spectacular
pair of adherent tightie whities!


"'s cool. Everybody does it. Hey, do you have enough
moisture on that?"

I think if hard pressed ("Yes, please!") I would
have to pick the hirsute honey above as my absolute fave....

..although these two beefy bears definitely
fire my engines, too!


The Art of the Tee Shirt

Oh yeah, babe; Real Men snuggle!

You can't go wrong with the classics,
nor the basics!


Monday, August 27, 2012

Davidoff Cool Water (Paul Walker)

Okay, Fine. I admit it.

On occasion, I  LOVE  being pandered to!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ricky Gervais

Whooo, boy!
I love some Ricky, from A to Z!

Beefy, stocky, thick....

sexy and unafraid....

laid back and easy-going,

wears the shit out of his clothes,

a wild man who says what he wants,

a commanding presence,

and a dark, edgy side that thrills me!

You Go, Boy!


The Dark Prince

Okay, yes... I am pandering.
I do have a bit of partiality when it comes to
The Gingers, so I'll give in this once.

He's cute most young'ins in their
twenties...and nakedness is enough of
a sensationalist attraction.

Seems interesting to me that this Vegas party
also had Ryan Lochte and old Closeted Casper
(J-Lo's latest pretense.) I bet there was some
hot-and-heavy Down-Lo action going on that weekend!

More fetching to me is not Le Prince, but
rather the fine specimen who appears at 11 seconds and 41
seconds into the video! WHO is that?!?


Golden Gate Wrestling

Oh my good-ness!
I am utterly in love with this beau-hunk behemoth!

And here we have quite a fitting ending!
(Rim shot! to speak!)