Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Justin Gabriel, Double-Take

Shivers up my spine. Which position do I desire most?

Melt my heart, King Heel!

Prepare for the Flight of the Fine-as-Hell!

I love the way their little tee-shirts barely cover
anything below, and are sooo tight up top. So sexy!


Torture! Spread that boy!


I can't decide if black or white suits him best!

Strut your stuff, baby!


Didio Does Brasil

Super-photographer Didio shows off his work with his
best subjects; the Boys of Brazil!

Well, yes, both these boys can definitely bring the wood!

And here a young buck shows how to pup a tent.

Gentlemen in waiting....waiting for one to make the first move!

BFFs. Oh, the fun we could have assigning
meaning to those initials here!


Monday, January 30, 2012

Armie Hammer

The luscious Golden Boy mesmerized me as the
ultimate preppy wet dream as the scene-stealing twins
(yes--twins!) in "The Social Network."

His dreamy, soulful eyes and that wistful,
unsettled innocence are enchanting!

He's a pretty boy with some perfect hair...
but a little edge and bad boy to him, too.

Brooding beau-hunk and spoiled rich boy ain't all
he's got in him, though.

(Oh! It might be all she has in her, though!)

He had "J. Edgar" come out (so to speak)
last year, and he's slated for both "Snow White" and the
lead in "The Lone Ranger."

I can only hope we see much more of the delectable Mr. Hammer
in days to come!



Bound by desire,
captivated by your sideways glance;
your torturous beauty
ensnares me.
"Oh, the things that I would do
to you."


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Nick Ayler: Second Strike

I absolutely adore the sensual, tantalizing nature of
this one...such a beautiful pose and it showcases those
gorgeous hips! Suggestiveness goes a long way!
Oh, and that innocent, puppy dog face!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The French Stallion

This sonuvabitch has got the goods...and then some!

Tom embodies absolutely everything that
I find most desirable in the male form!

Woof! Don't worry; I'm loaded for bear!

That physique is a masterful work of art.

Pure, searing, scorching, brutal, masculine energy
and a sculpted hot body. Mmnn!

That hairy, bronzed chest is making me want to
hop a flight! Sapristi!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hurly Burly Meets Fuzzy Wuzzy

MMnn....Check that butterfly spread on this thick bastard!

Love this guy's intensity and impressive physique.

Sexy intensity and insanity...onstage no less! Yum!

This is my Golden Ticket, masterfully sitting here on the
park bench awaiting my services! Mega-WOOF!

Love that chest and those drawers!

That princely stare has my attention, for sure!

Yeah, buddy...spot me while I lift myself
up and down on ya!

Awww...what a sweet little charmer!

To sleep, perchance to dream... of cubs and otters!

Love to rub this guy down after a workout!

Yeah, it's a complete Daddy-fest, and I would not be disappointed
to meet any of these fine, burly gents at my door.
But I think I would be ecstatic especially with #s 2 & 4,
who seem just soooo masterly and delish!


Brett Barnes in Action!

Mouth-watering, pants-tightening, hot-bodied action! Enjoy!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Thrill of Combat

Mmmmnnnn! Feisty! I love it when there's some
fierceness involved. Put some fight in it, boy!

Saunter on up, with that sexy, knowing swagger.
Intimidation? Competition, you say? Let's do it.

When I encompass your entirety with my
massive bear hug, you will writhe and groan a
mix of agony and ecstasy.

When your svelte and powerful body bucks and dominates
me, I will be red-hot with joint passion and fury.

When we struggle for the Top Man, whose winning move
proves a mutually beneficial face-pinning session...

I will secretly be torn between longing for victory
or defeat. Enraged...then longing....schizoid desires.

My mind, my heart, my loin fight a divided highway of
besting you and being supplicated to you.
May the best man win.