Thursday, December 14, 2017

So, as it turns out, the treasonous entity known as 
facebook (you know, famous for profiting off
Russian interference in our election process?)
has some so-called standards after all.

Do they involve banning hate groups? Naw.
Keeping religious folks or politicians from
spreading bile and homophobia? 'course not!

But they did let me know I was not allowed to
post this image--one of two men kissing.

We know that the surest way to keep people
down is to convince them that there is 
something 'wrong' with them--to erode their
confidence and self-worth.

Many of us have experienced this our whole
lives, and figured that surely by this point
in the game, people would be over their bullshit.

But, no worries.
Here's the photo; An unapologetic embrace of
truth, vulnerability, and acceptance.
Because we are valid, and so is our love.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Big Poppa Pump

"Straight Cop Jared"

This guy is just fucking amazing!

I love everything about him; overall look, build, scruff, tatts, 

charm, and those damn eyes! Whoa!

You can see him at as 'Straight Cop Jared'

or just google images for 'straight cop Jared, porn, squirt' to
get more photos, websites.


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Wild Bear

This gorgeous man has every reason
to strut! Absolutely beautiful!

I posted this on my facebook Bears page
and they deleted it and banned me!

Because in this topsy-turvy
whack-a-doodle world,
the beauty of the male body is
considered obscene, but hate
groups and gossip
rule supreme.



Dillinger: Loaded for Bear

A sexy, smoldering heel with a steely gaze!

Aww! He seems so innocent! Meanwhile, those tights
are a marvel!

His condescension is honed and his body is toned.
Those tights are showcasing the hell out of his dick.

Not since The Gambler (WCW) has a 'playing
card' been made to look so enticing.


Dash Wilder