Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dustin Leer

I just happened across this dude on the net
and WOW! He is so classically beautiful!
(Excellent last name; all I want to do is leer!)

Great physique, intense look, that perfect
5-o-clock shadow doing its thing!

A sprinkling of luscious hair, and some
very breathable Lycra fittings!

Some pit worship on those thick guns,
followed by a lovely high-rising posterior...

I'm definitely smitten!

I'm sure we'll be seeing more of Dustin after the
N2N Bodywear shoot!


Friday, September 28, 2012

Adam Kokesh ("Adam Vs. The Man")

Passionate, driven, intelligent, fiery, and charismatic;
some of the best qualities for making a man
sexy (in addition to his smoking-hot bod and mind!)
and check out Adam's links at the end!




Ryan Matthews

Ahhh...To be young and fit
once more! Enjoy!

So cute!

Mmnnn...Dark and sultry!

Dirty Little Secretions

I just LOVE a blue collar man--a mechanic,
an electrical worker, a technician...sweaty and
hot from all his manly works...

...uniform clinging to his weathered body as
he struggles for breath and licks his lips to
produce the moisture that has left his body.

The dirt and twigs of the underside of my house
clinging to him; grunge and smears and tears
exhibiting his commitment to my happiness!
A man who plays ball and slides hard and deep
into home, unconcerned for stains and a body
with pebbles and dust in every crevice, every orifice.
A rugged, hardcore, hard-working man whose
concern is not aesthetics and fashion, but rather
effectiveness and accomplishment.

Hard work, stamina, and thoroughness are
definite turn-ons.

There's something oh-so-special about the splendiferous odors
lingering on a man who's been cooking in his own juices.

And besides--those who are covered in filth
need some extra-special attention
in getting cleaned up!


Saturday, September 22, 2012

Aaron Rodgers adorable!

Beautiful smile...

Beautiful teeth...

Beautiful hair...

Beautiful eyes...

Stroke it...

Hold it...

Kiss it...

Rub it...