Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mike Tolbert v Mike Enos

Two of the super beefy studs in the WCW stable back in the day!

A nice, rousing muscle match with pure perfection.
Mean Mike Enos and Mike Tolbert should have been much bigger
names than they were. But we can still enjoy them in perpetuity!

Kenny Kendall vs Diamond Stud

Okay, this sort of speaks for itself....

here's Razor Ramone/Diamond Stud/Scott Hall back in his fineness,
stomping a new hole in baby-faced jobber Kenny Kendall.
Super Hot. When Ramone removes those sweatpants...swoon!

The malevolence in this domination is palpable!

Alex Wright vs Dean Malenko Part 1

The super sleek and sexy German boy, Alex Wright, back when he was
upbeat and 'pure,' versus the sculpted and compact super stud and heel
Dean Malenko!

Glory days! Enjoy the fighting finesse!

David Giuntoli

Nothing really 'popped' for me when I first saw
pics of the new series, "Grimm."

But watching clips of it, the star (David Giuntoli)
started to grow on me.

He's got those icy, inviting, charmer eyes,
and that sexy jaw....

He looks good in pretty much anything!

And look what happened when he was on Grey's Anatomy!

I think this is from his days on MTV's "Road Rules,"
but really, does it matter where they came from!?!?

Up-and-coming! Hit!

Comic Sex Switches



Emma Frost...

the White Queen!

Polaris (with Havok!)


and my second fave...Rogue!

These are some nifty manips done by an artist
by the name of "Timberoo" on the
deviantART website.
For the comics fans, these are male
versions of some fave female X-Men characters.
Despite the video game look to the fictions,
I still like the exaggerated physiques
and the erotica!

(Thanks to "Maybe It's Just Me"
for the heads up!)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Lycra: It's "Greek" for 'manna from heaven!'

                                                You have to be pure and proud to strut your stuff
                                                          in public. It takes a real man to be content
                                                 with what he has and confident enough to share it
                                                           with the world! (Thanks, by the way!)

Ahhhh...Lycra...spandex.....they go together
with fit young men and sports
like a primed instrument fits into
talented waiting lips.

Like 10 pounds of sausage goes in a 8 pound casing!
It might make a mess, but it
still gets the job done....
(and it still tastes great!) :()

Nothing like a little--or not so little--truth in advertising.
Put all your nuts in one basket.
What's the package that's on the table?
Put your best...foot forward.

Oh the joys and bonds of competition
and camaraderie...the fevered yearning and burning
of striving alongside fellow hunks in tight trunks!

For more fun, check out the

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kellan Lutz

Okay, so...I really don't know this kid...

His big claim (besides the obvious) is a part
of "Twilight", so...meh.

But he is built like a brick shithouse.....

...and has certainly discovered his inner Bent self.....

and has a variety of 'looks' that all satisfy.

Love his thug and dirty pics, of which there are plenty.

NNgghh. Cut tight! Smoothe!

Seems very cozy with all the gay-love coming at him, too. Nice.


Henry Caviezel

Okay, so...HATE the new Superman costume's look, BUT...
with Henry Caviezel inside of it....all is forgiven.

Henry is a dashing and beautiful man,
under the worst of conditions. I
was ecstatic when he was cast in "Man of Steel."

Obviously, he looked tremendous from
the get-go...

Not exactly someone anyone would de-friend for

But here's what's going on more recently;
This is from the forthcoming "Immortals"
with even more defined and delectable hunkiness.

(Mmnnnnn...that chest! That chin!
Those eyes!)

See, he was already a scene-stealer with
those smoldering sexy looks and that
swagger in "The Tudors."

He's not been hiding himself anywhere, but for
some reason he wasn't getting the love.

But this week, as photos of his portrayal of a certain
famed fictional Kansas farm boy leaked....

My word! He has beefed up and butched up
and become more bad-ass than expected!

Oh, yes....being an onscreen Superman will be
the much-anticipated Big Time for this very superb man!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Awwww.......Bears as Bunnies!

Mmmnnnn....Love the delicious fun and simplicity of these cute
bunny outfits for these big, burly, beefy men!

Looks like a locker room fantasy all
queered up! (Not that there's anything wrong
with that!)

Talk about a welcome Easter basket!
I'd hop on that, Peter Rabbit.