Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shock to the System

Stop me if you've heard this one.
Carolina Panthers' Tight End (Oh, my!)
Jeremy Shockey saved a teammate
the other night. The mate was choking (a-hem!)
and Jeremy performed the hind lick on him.
(No, sadly no pics were available.)

After spotting these pics of the thick and lovely
Mr. Shockey, I imagine there are many who will
associate this hunk with a desire to get choked,
not prevent it.

(Doesn't he sort of remind you of a big, thick version
of acting hottie Simon Baker?!?)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Daniel Bryan

So I don't get to check in on rasslin' like
I used to, but it still thrills me when I do!

Last Friday night I discovered a lovely treat;
Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) is
a fit little compact hottie!

He's been around a little while, and gone
through the requisite changes and identity
hoops. (American Dragon is another
of his old names...MMN! Lycra)

He's got a great abused face (good jobber) and a great
villain face (good heel)...so he's very...adaptable!

He has a phenomenal beer can bulge that
grabs the eye. And I couldn't find pics, but
he was sporting (last week) his BEST look
I feel...a very scruffy beard.

He's obviously being groomed for the
next (5 minute) Big Thing,
so I hope to see much more of this
WWE stud in future.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Avi Dar

Okay....no subtlety this week. No pretext.

No squeamishness about the qualms of
the masses.

Here's super-firm and polished gay
porn star Avi Dar. Showing off.

Probably air-brushed, or Photo-shopped...
or just blessed beyond compare.

Yes, he's like a god. Something out of a
wet dream. Physical perfection.

I am too weak to complain or resist.