Monday, January 31, 2011

How is wrestling perceived as gay?

It's confusing; how so many people could find the art of wrestling to be considered homoerotic.

What of scantily-clad men writhing and grinding upon one another?

What matters the bulges and throbbing and sweat -drenched tense muscles of these gladiators.

I kid, of course, but as a snarky bitch I enjoyed compiling these
shots which so clearly illustrate just how 'gay' wrestling is.
(And not in a bad way, mind you.)

"So whattya think the wives are doin' right now?"

"This will make men fear and respect me as a warrior!"

"I'm sick of those late reports, Jensen!"

"Yeah, who's butch NOW? Eh?"

The basics; learn to dominate and grope your opponent.

"Just some good Ole' boys...

never doin' no harm

(without a safe word)....

been rubbin' on each other since

the day they was born!"

Face full of defeat.

(Yes, there can be rejoicing even amidst defeat.)

"This'll help relieve that tension!"

This is just what they're willing to do in public!

"Nowhere left to go...but DOWN!"

"Oh Sweet Mercy...if only all these witnesses weren't here!"


Randy Orton

Beauty speaks for itself....enjoy!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Alberto Del Rio

One Friday night a short while back, I had
access to a TV for a bit! When the divine hand
led me to the Friday Night Smackdown and
the religious experience of seeing Del Rio in
action, I was jaw-droppingly speechless.

He is beautiful in every way, reminding me of the
'50s beefcake muscle-hunks, with that edgy
arrogant heel thrown in for good measure.

I marvel at what it takes for grown men to
show all their wares on international screens,
larger than life and with extreme close-ups.
He's got it; he should for damned sure flaunt it!

Nathan Fillion

What needs to be said about the dashing
and charming Mr. Fillion,
apple of Joss Whedon's eye?
Unfortunately, the "AVENGERS" movie
rumors didn't pan out, but I look
forward to whatever role he lands next!


Science Fiction and Fantasy.....

What is happening over there on SyFy channel?!?
Is there a rating system in effect?
No complaints.
Disrobing hotties on the tube is a nice
substitute to the real thing, I suppose.


Purely perfect

"That is so purty!"

I am tempted to do a gay version of Toby Keith's "Who's Your Daddy?"
(is that redundant?) to go alongside a flip-file of hot wrestlers.

(Sigh. )

If only the day had 72 hours in it!